How many ways can we say Stephen Curry is ridiculous? The most elaborate of thesauruses wouldn’t help at this point.

As the Golden State Warriors push forward towards the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 record, Stephen Curry gets more and more absurd. There’s no such thing as diminishing returns with the Davidson alum. The more he shoots, the more they go in. As the Warriors continue to rack up wins, Curry gets more and more theatrical with his performances, shimmying down baselines and throwing up near-half-court shots whether the shot clock is in danger of expiring or not.

Last night, during a game with the Phoenix Suns that should’ve been more taxing than it was–the Suns strangely held a 10-point lead much later in the game than many would have expected–Curry added another head-scratching antic to his repertoire. As you can see in the above Vine clip, Curry threw up a transition three-pointer, and didn’t bother to stick around to see whether or not it dropped through the net.

Naturally, it did. It was always going to.