In true Kanye fashion, his latest album The Life of Pablo has received some post-release updates. The Tidal-only release underwent some subtle changes today, most notably to the lyrics of the controversial track “Famous”. Before you assume ‘Ye did something crazy like altering the defaming lyrics aimed at Taylor Swift, those aren’t the lyrics that received an update.

According to Pigeons and Planes:

… lyrics in the song’s second verse were changed from “She be Puerto Rican day parade wavin’” to “She in school to be a real estate agent.” Rihanna’s vocals from 1:01 to 1:17 appear to be quieter and have more reverb, and the transition into the chopped-up vocal breakdown beginning at about 1:49 was also slightly altered.

Why such minute changes? Only Yeezus knows.

Other changes include the Max B interlude “Silver Surfer Intermission” being changed to” Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeer Intermission.” Chances are these won’t be the only changes made to the album.

Listen to the updated version of The Life of Pablo here