The Chicago Police Department is currently investigating a recording of an exchange between a dispatcher and a police officer over a police radio channel this weekend that involved the use of multiple racial slurs.

Sometime between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturday morning in Chicago, a Black dispatch officer was speaking over the radio channels when an unidentified officer inquired as to whether or not the dispatch was speaking to him. She jokingly replied, “It’s too early to be bothering you,” and continued with “Good morning,” but it was after she asked one of the officers on the channel why he was on that specific channel, that the slurs followed.

Someone believed to be an officer shot back “Typical f*cking n*****s,” and on the same recording, someone said what sounded very much like “All Black Lives Matter, my ass,” though it’s hard to determine whether or not it was the same officer that uttered both insults.

Amid the insults, an officer calmly instructed the dispatch officer to find out which radio the insults were coming from, and she responded by saying that “We don’t get radio numbers, but I’m already hollering for my supervisor.”

According to DNAinfo Chicago, Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi issued a statement promising that “Should the investigation reveal that a member of the Police Department made the statements, he will be immediately suspended, and disciplinary proceedings will be launched.”

Just 12 hours prior to this incident, Donald Trump’s appearance at a rally at the University of Illinois was cancelled due to security concerns, and protesters used the opportunity to chant “F*ck Donald Trump!” just outside the venue. You can listen to the minute-and-change audio recording of the exchange below.