Kanye West has been far more active on his Twitter account than ever before since releasing his latest full length album The Life of Pablo. Sunday afternoon was no different as he took to his account and shared that his greatest quality is that he cares. He then followed that up with a tweet directed at Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, asking if he can redesign the team’s mascot. Chuck the Condor, who is odd looking to say the least, tweeted at the rapper saying “I miss the old Kanye.

As funny as that exchange might be, Chuck may not be laughing soon because Ballmer responded to Kanye on Twitter, highlighting that he does love Chuck but also loves Ye’s creativity, suggesting that he and West should talk over lunch. He took things a step further by saying that the rapper should come to a game instead.

Looks like thats all she wrote for Chuck the Condor.