The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has created a hurricane of opinions and lines of division, causing both positive and negative dialogue, not only in the States but across the world. Future tourists or even citizens of America look on as the political season pours out of their media devices, voicing their concerns through social media and now, through Hip Hop.

All backgrounds of people are uploading their anti-Trump rap videos. There are especially an exceptional amount of videos in Spanish from the Latin community, surely due to Trump’s statements regarding immigration (his spat with infamous Mexican drug lord El Chapo probably didn’t help either). YouTube has been flooded with examples of these videos, thousands in the last year, and more loaded by the day.

A simple search for “Donald Trump Rap” on YouTube could waste away days watching every level of video production people have access too. The videos range from serious political rap to incredibly hilarious parodies. Here area  few of the more recent videos we found interesting or incredibly funny.

From a guy named D-Reezy, this video could easily be the next viral sensation. His intentions are clear, but he might want to rehearse the rhymes a few more times.

A Bernie Sanders supporter’s more logical dissection of the election.

MC Macedo proudly defies Trump’s bashing of Latin immigrants from the backseat of a car.

This Spanish-speaking female MC calls Trump a cockroach in this passionate video.

This young man strums an acoustic guitar and drops funny freestyle.

This 12 year-old boy takes a tongue in cheek approach from the first person view of Trump.