Jahi McMath, a now 15-year-old girl from Oakland, California, was pronounced brain dead after routine surgery to remove her tonsils in December 2013.

Her doctors at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital worked to get Jahi off life support, against the wishes of her family, but Jahi’s loved ones won the tough legal battle in 2014 to keep her sustained on life support.

Despite doctors’ expectations for absolutely no improvements in Jahi’s health, she has since shown small signs of improvement in brain activity. Scans of the electrical activity in Jahi’s brain, and an incredible video of her lifting her foot on command, show she is responding to the voices of her family members.

We haven’t heard much about Jahi’s condition in the previous few months, but her mother, Nailah Winkfield, has shared a picture today [Friday, March 18] of her daughter, with the caption, “Jahi as healthy and beautiful as ever, proving the naysayers wrong.” Mrs. Winkfield calls her daughter “a fighter, a warrior, and a blessed child.”