In the midst of a tense Yeezy season filled with always bizarre Twitter tirades and ever-evolving T.L.O.P. tracks, the folks over at Funny or Die have provided some much needed comic relief to be enjoyed by Yeezus worshippers and haters alike (although ‘Ye does seem to be providing his fair share of hilarity on his own these days).

A new Funny or Die parody video “The People v. Kanye” has surfaced, spoofing the increasingly popular The People v. O.J. Simpson series by pairing a mashup of dramatic scenes from the show with clips from some of Kanye West’s most outrageous moments. And of course, there are some seriously hilarious T-Swift appearances. Lil Wayne and JAY Z even make some surprise cameos—well, their mugshots at least.

As expected, you can hear ‘Ye proclaim he is “a god” more than once. And for all the action lovers out there, we have some high intensity action shots from what is, in actuality, a very real drama: Kanye v. The Paps. And as always, Kanye v. The World.

There is something for everyone to be enjoyed in this fine piece. Check it out here.