Why is Kendrick Perkins so angry?

The former Celtics, Cavs and Thunder defensive specialist is currently with the New Orleans Pelicans, where he moonlights at center when Anthony Davis needs a breather. Historically, Perkins is known to have a rough style of play, and uses extra physicality when necessary to get in the heads of opposing players. Like that time he got Kobe Bryant tied up in a not-so-proverbial knot, forcing the Mamba to forcefully shove Perkins, which is a reaction players rarely get from Kobe, even when he’s physically provoked.

Or that time he tried to screen Jae Crowder into oblivion, likely as retaliation for Crowder’s then teammate, Kelly Olynyk, injuring Cavs forward Kevin Love on a questionable play in the previous game.

Last night, Perkins’ reputation preceded him once again, and as Blazers star Damian Lillard drove to the hole, Perkins, behind on the play, decided there was only one way to defend the basket: a clothesline. Though Perkins likely made the argument he was going for the ball, let’s be real here. This is WWE 101, and the refs tagged him with a Flagrant 2 foul for it, resulting in his immediate ejection.