Don’t be weirded out by the headline, it’s quite the heartwarming tale.

On Saturday morning, just before Lindsey Knox gave birth to her son Cason, she sent out a mass text to who she believed to be all friends and family members, letting them know that she was at the hospital and about to give birth. However, one of the numbers was inaccurate, and an accidental recipient of the message, 19-year-old Dennis Williams, was made aware of the news.

Williams politely told Knox that she had the wrong number, but not before receiving a picture of Lindsey and Cason, which clearly struck an emotional chord with Williams. He quickly changed his tune, and decided that he and “the boys” would stop by the hospital to take a picture with the baby.

As soon as Knox realized her mistake, she apologized, but a determined Williams requested the specifics on the room at Bainbridge Hospital Knox was staying in, and sure enough, he and his brother Deorick showed up with gifts, and posed for pictures with Lindsey, and Lindsey’s husband Mark.

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