Drake has been having a pretty good couple of days, judging by recent SXSW footage and new clips of him taking over an entire street in Houston to party. Drake was spotted busting out some tunes on a city roof for the birthday celebration of friend and key player in his career, Jas “J” Prince Jr.

J’s father is James Prince, Rap-A-Lot Records founder and CEO. Jas was instrumental in launching Drake’s career, and despite some business troubles, it looks like they’re still on great terms.

Jas discovered Drake back on MySpace and introduced him to Lil Wayne, which ultimately led to Drake’s deal with Cash Money. However, there was a mix up of sorts after their meeting that left Jas suing Cash Money for royalties. The case was eventually settled in J’s favor.

Jas seems to think Drake wasn’t fully aware of all the business details regarding the case, which is probably why the problem never got between them. Clearly there are no hard feelings.

Watch the video here.