Adrien Broner, full-time boxer and part-time obnoxious Walmart patron, is not impressing anyone with his latest antics—especially Maino.

Broner took to America’s favorite department store, Walmart, and equally favored social media platform, Instagram, to show the world exactly why some people can’t have nice things. Dozens of respectable, working class men and women waited in line patiently behind the boxing star as he accepted his change and proceeded to make everyone extremely uncomfortable.

By “accepted his change,” we mean he took the fistful of money, cackled condescendingly, and threw it on the ground before exclaiming, “He must not know I’m AB. I don’t need no change bruh”– essentially making it rain in a high end Salvation Army.

Followed by little to no laughter, Broner somehow still thought the video of said display warranted an upload for more to enjoy, and even captioned the vid “I’m AB I don’t need no change… #AboutBillions.”

Maino wasn’t laughing, though. He responded with his own Insta-caption reading, “US unemployment sky high and n***** throwing money in front of working folks waiting in line at Walmart???”

TMZ caught up with Maino, where he clarified that there is no beef between the two, but that he does believe Adrien says some “stupd shi*t.”

Hear Maino’s thoughts here.