Kim Tripp, better known as “mini Kim Kardashian” to the internet and to audiences at Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas, has been found dead. Kim, 32, who suffered from dwarfism, performed at both the MGM in Las Vegas and The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles. 

Dwarfism is known for the many additional health problems it often brings, such as difficulty with breathing and weight, but Kim’s cause of death remains unknown at this time. Foul play has not been ruled out.

Kim was found on the porch of her apartment early Sunday morning by her boyfriend Ricky Sells Jr., who also performed with her and was known as “mini Kanye West.” She reportedly had been showing no signs of distress or difficulty in the days prior.


Friends from Beacher’s Madhouse spoke out in reaction to the sad news:

“Today is a sad day, the Beacher’s Madhouse family lost one of our founders and original members. She was our Shining Star.”

“My prayers and love go out to our team and her family.”

“She will be loved and missed by all.”