We have another update on the LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter saga: He’s back.

At least on Instagram, LeBron James has re-followed the Cleveland Cavaliers, following the second-most dramatic 12 hours on basketball Twitter ever (the most dramatic being the hostage situation at DeAndre Jordan‘s home that time he nearly left the Clippers for the Mavs).

How did we get here? Yesterday evening, someone took notice that LeBron James was no longer following the Cavaliers on Twitter, and reports began surfacing that he was also no longer following them on Instagram. As if that wasn’t alarming enough, it came just 24 hours after the Cavs got their asses handed to them by the Miami Heat on Sunday in Miami. Basically, LeBron may have been feeling a little nostalgic, and stiff-armed his new girlfriend while he hung out with his ex.

Later on in the evening, after the Cavs did away with the Nuggets, King James was asked by a reporter about his Twitter fingers, and he completely shut down, even declining to answer the next question–which was a question purely about basketball–despite very clearly requesting the “next question.”

This is all very weird and fascinating and makes you want to rid your vocabulary of that good ol’ “It’s just Twitter” saying, doesn’t it.