An Angela Thomas novel is being turned into a movie. The Hate U Give is based on a young woman who witnesses a friend being killed by police officers. After an intense Hollywood bidding war, the film rights were sold to Fox 2000, Temple Hill, and State Street according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shortly after, the announcement was made Amandla Stenberg would be set to play the novel’s lead character in the film. The book is Thomas’ debut novel.

The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired many in various realms of entertainment. Writer Angela Thomas was inspired to create a movie about the movement during her time at Belhaven University. In 2011, the writer courageously tackled the topic and even payed homage to late rapper Tupac Shakur, as the title is the full acronym of the rapper’s famous “T.H.U.G.” tattoo sprawled across his stomach. “Books have been my escape since the moment I could read,” says Thomas on her blog. She says she is “thrilled beyond words” in regards to Stenberg playing the leading role. “She is such a talented and intelligent person.”

The Hate U Give follows 16-year-old Starr who attends a suburban prep school despite her poverty-stricken upbringing. After witnessing one of her closest friends getting kiled by police, Starr is forced to voice her truth to the world. Stenberg has been very vocal about where she stands in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement. The actress faced racism head on after being cast as Rue in The Hunger Games. Most recently, she has been one of the many voice backing the Black Girl Magic movement.

George Tillman Jr. has been called to direct The Hate U Give. Tillman is most famously known for directing movies and series through the perspective of African Americans. His most famous works are Soul Food, Barbershop, and Notorious. There is no set date for the movie’s arrival. However, the timeliness of the film is one more step in uncover the changes that could create a better America for all races. For more on the film click here.