Rookie Emmanuel Mudiay Pulls a Northern Iowa, Downs Sixers With Half-Court Hail Mary

Emmanuel Mudiay never played in the NCAA, so he’s not missing out on his chance to partake in March Madness.

The rookie point guard for the Denver Nuggets wasn’t able to lead his team to an improbable playoff run this year, but his growth throughout the season is reason to believe that it won’t be long before Denver is playing meaningful April basketball again. It also helps when your rookie point guard has taken a couple classes at the Stephen Curry Institute of Game-Winners.

In the final seconds of last night’s game, up two points with just a few seconds left on the clock, the Philadelphia 76ers looked like they’d finally be able to enter a double-digit number into their win column. Especially considering the Nuggets, who had no timeouts left, would have to go the length of the floor to get off a final shot.

Length, shmength.

Mudiay was forced to pick up his dribble at mid-court, and tossed up an Aaron Rodgers-esque hail mary; the ball just barely left his fingertips before the final buzzer sounded.

The result? Touchdown.