Tragic news of beloved comedian Garry Shandling’s death broke yesterday, and now new information has surfaced regarding his condition in the days prior. According to reports, Garry was not feeling well the night before his passing and had plans to go to the ER Thursday afternoon [March 24].

He had supposedly talked to a doctor friend Wednesday about his discomfort, who recommended he head to the hospital the next day if he still wasn’t feeling well. The doctor came to Garry’s home to check on him Wednesday afternoon.

Among Garry’s complaints were achiness and shortness of breath. Chest pains did not appear to be an issue at the time.

Garry called 911 around 10:30 AM Thursday morning to report that he was having major health issues, before dropping unconscious from what is believed to be a heart attack, during the phone call. Paramedics forced entry to his home, where he was found with a weak pulse and sadly, later pronounced dead at Santa Monica’s St. John’s hospital.