In a recent interview with Complex, Swizz Beatz revealed UK R&B singer Angel is his artist. Although the producer is often not one to publicly speak about who he works with, the video reveals the pair met “organically two years ago,” on a jet.  The video, which is shot in New York in a place Swizz describes as “a secret location where only official people and family come,”  the pair discuss cultural differences and the importance of being authentic.

Angel, who is from Shepherd Bush, London, recently signed to Motown Records and is intent on bringing “the real black British culture” overseas.

While speaking to Complex, Angel confessed, “It’s a blessing to have someone like Swizz on board, someone who understands exactly where I’m coming from, which will give me the opportunity to show my culture in the most authentic way.”

Ebro also makes a small cameo as the pair discuss the “history of grime and the history of Hip Hop, and how the two relate.”