Katt Williams Explains What the Heck Happened in His School Yard Fight

A few days ago, a video surfaced of Katt Williams appearing to sucker punch a teenager before being dragged to the ground by the kid in a full nelson choke hold. It was just the next incident in a disturbing string of incidents for the comedian, who was recently arrested for punching a store clerk, accused of robbing five women of their phones at gunpoint, attacking his bodyguard and kidnapping and burning a women in his bathroom.

Yes, these are real allegations, not all of which have been resolved.

Well, the teenager in question regarding Williams’ most recent incident gave his side of the story to The Daily Mail late last week, and during his performance at The Barclays Center on Friday–how perfect is that timing?–Katt Williams stood up in front of a packed house and hilariously gave his side of the story, claiming he got involved with the kids’ soccer game to throw off a police tail he thought he had. During the game, he and the teen got to jawing, and next thing you know, fisticuffs.

Watch the full video above.