Outrage has erupted amongst Beliebers at Justin’s latest move. After paying up to $2000 for a meet and greet with the “Sorry” singer at his show over the weekend, fans were left with nothing more than a cardboard cutout of him.

Fans shelled out big time for the once in a lifetime opportunity to bask in the glory that is The Biebs. However, Justin recently decided to call it quits for the M&Gs, as they drain him, and fans seem to have been really left behind.

It turns out the only way fans were allowed a refund, was to forfeit their tickets to the show altogether. Many, obviously did not want to give up their tickets, and instead opted for taking some pics with the next best thing, a cardboard cutout.

Canceling is one thing, but leaving fans without a reasonable chance at a refund is another. So yes, Justin, it’s probably too late now to say sorry.