The National Mall hosts the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture and its “Taking The Stage” exhibit, highlighting the works and contributions of pioneers of entertainment.

The project in its entirety is composed of 11 inaugural exhibitions and more than 3,000 artifacts and will also showcase pieces celebrating Bill Cosby‘s contributions through works like I Spy and The Cosby Show.

Naturally, in the midst of dozens of accusations of sexual assault from different women, some backlash has spawned, questioning why Cosby’s recent allegations aren’t included in the exhibit as well.

“If they just speak about the contributions, there will be this enormous presence that is not talked about,” says Patricia Leary Steuer, 59, an accuser of Bill Cosby.

Addressing the issue, the museum has justified their inclusion of Cosby artifacts making clear that his accomplishments will be in the midst of his peers whose works and contributions mirror his own.