The Los Angeles Lakers are the biggest mess in the NBA right now, which likely comes as a surprise to no one (except those that had their money on Sacramento, which was a safe bet TBH).

D’Angelo Russell‘s secret recording of Nick Young‘s infidelity admissions have the entire league ablaze, from former players condemning the 19-year-old first-round draft pick, to Russell’s own teammates reportedly isolating and shunning their young star in light of his not-so-smart move.

Tonight’s nationally televised Lakers vs Heat match-up was originally billed as the last time Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade would face off, but it’s now the Will Anyone Pass D’Angelo Russell The Ball? sweepstakes. Just ahead of the game, both Russell and Young are expected to address the media, though it’s unclear whether or not they will do so together or separately. The LA Times is already reporting that Russell and Young have spoken about the incident behind closed doors, and that Young has accepted an apology from Russell. There aren’t many details on that meeting, but that won’t stop reporters from trying to pry them loose from the two Lakers at tonight’s pressers.