Detroit Pistons star Reggie Jackson didn’t leave Oklahoma City on good terms last year, and he was traded at the 2015 trading deadline following animosity with the front office, and OKC’s stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

Last night, Jackson’s Pistons defeated a Durant and Ibaka-less Thunder team, and certainly got the better of Russell Westbrook on the court, who didn’t have one of his best games of the year. With just 1 second left on the clock, Jackson began circling the court, waving his arms in an effort to get the crowd excited about the win, and in the process, pissed off Westbrook. The Thunder guard spoke to Thunder beat writer Anthony Slater after the game about his feelings towards Jackson’s antics.

In case you haven’t seen Jackson’s celebration, here it is.

Remember, this isn’t that much of a cold war. When Jackson returned to Oklahoma City, he infamously told a heckler to “suck my d*ck,” and considering Westbrook’s comments above, this beef ain’t over *50 Cent voice*.