Instagram was home to another awkward moment, when The Game responded to Stevie J’s previous comment, which insinuated the rapper and his on-and-off again wife Joseline Hernandez were seeing each other after she uploaded a picture of herself and The Game.

The Game was not having any of it and made it clear the pair would never be an item, and Stevie J should mind his own business and leave the drama in Love & Hip Hop.

“N—a if you don’t get the fuck outta here wit this fuck shit blood!,” The Game stated on Instagram. “Don’t nobody want yo woman ni**a. I got one, she got a day job and yours can’t f*ck wit mine anyway! No disrespect to Joseline, but she ain’t my type and I literally said two words to her at that premiere. You callin’ my phone 25 times is some shit hoes do… Just come see me in person n—a and [we] can go anyway you want to… I told you on the phone where I was and where I’ll be! And I also told you I don’t get down like that! I don’t fuck nobody’s wife, don’t need that karma.”

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