According to multiple Facebook posts, Los Angeles underground Hip Hop mainstay, 2Mex, is in the hospital after an emergency surgery stemming from diabetic complications. It was reportedly so severe he barely made it. Thankfully, he is out of surgery and recovering, marking the occasion with a groggy Instagram post.

Born Alejandro Ocana, the LA native got his start in the infamous Good Life Cafe scene in groups like Visionaries and Of Mexican Decent before breaking out on his own. He was also part of the Look Daggers with the late Ikey Owens and The Mind Clouders with producer Mums the Word.

Known as one of the most voracious touring rappers out there, 2Mex has built a solid fanbase as an independent artist. In a 2010 interview with The Beat, he spoke on his insane schedule saying, “I’ve definitely played 60 shows already this year, and before the year ends, I’m probably going to play another 50. I probably play every four days, year-round. Whether it’s a house party or 10,000 people attend. We play house parties, we play bars, we play clubs, we play everything. I’m still active.”

Over the past six years, that hasn’t changed much, although he hasn’t put out a proper solo album since 2010’s My Fanbase Will Destroy You, which was released by the Sage Francis-owned label, Strange Famous Records. Nonetheless, he still performs regularly.