The mysterious musical union of Ice-T, Kool Keith, Marc Live, Black Silver, and Pimp Rex once manifested itself in the form of a group called Analog Brothers, which has recently been resurrected. In anticipation of the upcoming reissue of 2000’s Pimp To Eat, the fellas have prepared a riotous video for the single, “Country Girl.”

Although the video might be too risqué for some, those who are familiar with the humorous musings of Kool Keith will understand that’s just how he rolls.

According to Ice-T, the original masters of Pimp To Eat were delayed when Kool Keith’s vocals were stolen during the melee that followed the Indiana Pacers–Los Angeles Lakers NBA championship basketball game June 19, 2000 in Los Angeles.

It seems, however, the timing is finally right to dust off the cobwebs and release one of the most overlooked rap classics of its era.

Pimp To Eat reissue drops June 10th on Mello Music Group.