Twenty years into his underground rap career, Royce da 5’9″ has finally checked in at the #1 spot on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums with Layers, effectively knocking out Rihanna’s ANTI, which previously held the spot.

The Detroit rapper met Eminem in 1997 and consequently popped up on Marshall Mathers‘ major label debut, 1999’s The Slim Shady LP. He released his first solo album, Rock City, in 2002 and consistently followed up with album after album.

It appears his sixth solo album had the magic touch. Released April 15, Layers sold 16,749 copies in its first week, and currently sits at #22 on the overall Billboard 200.

In a recent interview, he talked about his newfound sobriety, which could be a contributing factor in his recent success.

“I was drinking…I’m almost four years sober now,” he said. “I made that decision to get sober, cause Hip Hop had completely consumed me. And with all the changes I’m making in my personal life, I want that to be reflected in my music.”

Track List:

1) “Tabernacle” (produced by S1)
2) “Pray” (produced by Mr. Porter)
3) “Hard” (What Was I Thinking) (produced by Antman)
4) “Starter Coat” (produced by Mr. Porter)
5) “Wait” (produced by Jake One)
6) “Shine Your Light” (Skit)
7) “Shine” (produced by Nottz)
8) “Lincoln” (Skit)
9) “Real” (produced by DJ Khalil)
10) “Hello” (Skit)
11) “Misses” (On My Line) (produced by DJ Khalil)
12) “Dope!” (produced by Pain 1)
13) “America” (produced by S1)
14) “Layers” f/ Rick Ross and Pusha T (produced by Mr. Porter)
15) “Quiet” (produced by Mr. Porter)
16) “Gottaknow” (produced by Mr. Porter)
17) “Off” (produced by Mr. Porter)