Chris Brown can’t seem to do anything right. In his continuos string of law breaking activities, the Los Angeles Police Department is now looking to charge the rapper for disturbing the peace after his neighbors called in a complaint about him riding his ATV around his Tarzana, California neighborhood.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police say residents identified Brown and members of his crew, and accused them of performing dangerous stunts around children.

“We had a citizen complain about two males in the area, riding ATVs, at high rate of speed through the alleys,” Sgt. James Harper, with the LAPD’s West Valley division tells ABC News 7. “The citizen saw a person he recognized as Chris Brown in the area. At that point, he came on to his property, did a couple of doughnuts on his front lawn.”

Los Angeles Police Capt. Paul Vernon says one resident asked Brown to stop and the R&B singer in turn cursed him out before riding the ATV back to his house and parking it in his garage.

The Grammy Award-winning singer also allegedly exchanged words with the neighbor telling him, “Fuck you and fuck the cops.” Once police arrived at his gate, the singer’s security detail denied them entry and asked that they call his lawyer.

A complaint has been filed with the Los Angeles city attorney who will then decide if they will pursue charges. Neighbors have called the police on Brown five times since he moved in to the Los Angeles suburb last year.