Back in February, without warning, Beyonce released the first single off her Lemonade album, “Formation,” and promptly performed it at this year’s Super Bowl. Dressed to resemble the Black Panthers, Queen Bey and her dance troupe killed their performance before joining Coldplay and Bruno Mars for a joint finish to the halftime festivities. Naturally, people reacted. Heck, reacting is the one thing you can count on in 2016 aside from death and taxes.

One of those reactions came from TheBlaze news anchor Tomi Lahren, who was not pleased with Beyonce’s performance, or the messages she felt the “Formation” singer was trying to convey. In response to images of the words “Stop Killing Us” being scrawled across a wall in graffiti in Bey’s video for “Formation,” Lahren said she felt Beyonce should start “at home” if she was worried about black neighborhoods.

Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home.

Well, last night, Pusha T released the first single from his forthcoming King Push album, “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” and it featured none other than Jay Z. Aside from the whirlwind of bars that was delivered over the DJ Dahi-produced instrumental, Lahren’s voice could be heard saying the first two sentences of the aforementioned quote; it was the only lead-in to Hov’s verse. Jay then launched into a 16-plus bar verse that roughly chronicled his rise to prominence from pushing Mercedes Benz sedans through the streets of London in 1989.

Not to be outdone, Lahren took to her Twitter today to sarcastically express her gratitude. After all, who wouldn’t want to be featured on a track with Push and Jigga Man?