Any true pro wrestling mark is always down for some vintage and or unreleased footage. Today, the Internet has blessed fans with a some grade-A material. A video has been going viral after being shared on Reddit, of Triple H beating down a fan in Germany who tried to attack Stone Cold Steve Austin after a match. In the clip, which most likely occurred during the late 1990s, Austin hits Triple H with a Stone Cold Stunner, ending the match. It is then that a fan storms the ring (which is a big no-no) and tries to attack Austin. Before he could do any real damage, Triple H immediately hits the fan with a suplex and proceeds to pummel him with punches. Referee Mike Chioda even gets in on the action, hitting the fan with kicks to the ribs and head.

In 2013, Steve Austin spoke about that very incident on his The Steve Austin Show podcast, highlighting the fact that the guy was a Triple fan and he couldn’t join in on the attack because he would have broken character but he thought it was hilarious. Listen to his recollection below.