Yesterday [Tuesday, July 5], Big Krit took to his Twitter account to announce a new musical campaign. He titled it the “#12For12” Freestyles. Starting at 12PM, he released a freestyle every hour on the hour until midnight.

Each freestyle had its designated cover with a monumental player who somehow made a significant contribution to the world of sports. From basketball and football to hockey and baseball, the covers ranged from John Stockton, Michael Jordan, Dickie Moore and Roberto Alomar, just to name a few.

After the final freestyle release, Krit took to his Twitter to thank his fans for their support on his musical journey. He stated:

After expressing his gratitude he went on to make a major announcement:

Krit followed up with:

It seems that Krit is going the independent route as he posted his tweets on his Instagram with the caption: “Independence Day”. In 2013, Krit released a song titled “Multi Til The Sun Die” off his King Remembered in Time mixtape. The outro to the song speaks the reality of Krit’s current situation.

“Be just and justify your actions,

Breathe deep and walk up right,

Lead and never follow,

Love the people, be of the people,

Humble yourself and pray,

History remembers Kings.”

Listen to his #12FOR12 tracks here.