Just when we thought the “good cops” were hiding their voices, footage has surfaced from NBC 4 New York of police officers exposing the wrong doing of the police force behind the scenes.

Ten NYPD police officers sat down with NBC 4 New York to discuss the organized crime and real intentions of the police force in New York. All officers are of minority backgrounds and describe in detail their crooked experiences with the force. Some officers have recordings that span over two years that prove NYC has police quotas and the force retaliates against cops who don’t quite reach their numbers.

Officer Adhyl Polanco makes the problem very clear. “The problem is when you go hunting, when you pull any type of numbers on a police officer to perform, we are going to go to the most vulnerable. We’re going to go to the LGBT community, we’re going to go to the Black community; We’re going to go to those people that have no vote, that have no power. If we start doing what we’re doing in midtown Manhattan, a phone call to the mayor’s office is going to be made and that’s going to be the end of it.”

Officer Kareem Abdullah says, “All he [Bratton] wants us to do is go out there and lock them up. They told us it’s easy to get numbers out here because you work in this type of community.” New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton responded to the accusations during a press conference saying “Bulls*it. Bulls*it is my response to that.”

When asked if the officers are arresting people for things that they shouldn’t be arresting them for, an officer responds saying, “Well, that’s why we’re here. WE don’t do it. We refuse and because of that we are retaliated against.”

The only female officer present, Felicia Whitely says, “Because you’re not harassing people, you’re being punished. It doesn’t make for a great work environment because they want you to harass people.”

Minority officers are punished more severely for not reaching these quotas and according to the officers, the community has to pay for the results.