Big Sean Crashes Vince Staples’ Interview, Hints at a Collaboration

Wireless Fest is currently going down in London, featuring some of the biggest stars from several genres, including Hip Hop. That means guys like J. Cole, Big Sean, Bryson Tiller and more are taking the stage at one of the world’s biggest music festivals and shutting it down. It also means that one of London’s most notorious radio hosts, Tim Westwood, is prowling backstage, looking for any opportunity to create a memorable interview moment. (Rick Ross‘ “Pears” phenomenon? Westwood. The first time we go hip to Desiigner‘s wild freestyle antics? Westwood.) So, 1 Tim Westwood, 1 Vince Staples, 1 unannounced Big Sean, add microphones.

Westwood and Staples were hanging out, talking about how the Long Beach rapper is adjusting to the festival circuit life when Sean came crashing through, jubilantly greeting both men while also giving a semi-stern reminder of what it means for them to be doing the work they’re doing overseas.

We are young Black men from America. You know what that means? That means none of this sh*t is promised to us. These watches, whatever the f*ck we like, taking care of our families. This sh*t ain’t promised out here.

Sean also revealed that he and Staples would be heading to the studio, which is great news. Both Sean (TBA) and Staples (Prima Donna) have projects due out this year, so get ready for that collab.

Watch the full interview clip above.