Expect the unexpected in the third season of the Starz series Power. New York City’s biggest drug dealer is striving to live a normal life, away from the streets and issues that come along with the lifestyle. A few people close to him, however, have other plans for him.

James St. Patrick [known as ‘Ghost’] is attempting to get out of the game for good, but not without some complication. Going from drug dealer to full-time club owner will prove to be quite the task in season three, which premieres tonight [Sunday, July 17] on Starz. “This club, this life, it’s who I am now,” Ghost says.

Angela Valdez continues to romantically be involved in Ghost’s life, but Tasha St. Patrick warns her that it won’t be something she can jump in and out of. “You’re going to be doing for Ghost the rest of your life,” Tasha says to Angela.

Ghost’s best friend, Tommy Egan, has been battling between loyalty and betrayal for quite some time; really taking a hold of him in season two. With his girlfriend’s life on the line, Tommy is more than ready to “put a bullet” in Ghost’s head.

Kanan was last seen getting up from the ground of a burning building before season 2 ended. Ghost will truly be on the run this season from Kanan, as well. Ghost is trying to escape his dark past, but those who used to be close to him refuse to let that be. Mission: Ghost must die will be in full effect.

So far, we’ve been proven that Ghost is almost indestructible, keeping a composure like no other while escaping dangerous situations. Tommy has the opportunity to kill Ghost, as seen in the trailer of season three. With a silencer on his gun, will Tommy have the guts to pull the trigger on his former best friend and business partner? We’ll have to wait and see tonight, but expect the unexpected.