No matter what happens, this will be fun to watch.

New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall and Pittsburgh Steelers wide-out Antonio Brown were two of the most prolific offensive players in the league last season, combining for a whopping 245 catches and 3,300 yards. Yesterday, presumptive Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick finally signed a contract to retain his role as the team’s QB in the 2016-2017 season, which gave Marshall all the ammo he needed to place today’s wager.

@ab I’ve never seen you back down from a challenge. #race4pinks

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In an Instagram video that you can watch below, Marshall sheepishly bet Antonio Brown that he couldn’t amass more receiving yards than him this season. The prize? If Marshall loses the bet, he’s got to give up his beloved Porsche, also pictured in the video clip. However, if Marshall wins, not only does he get to keep his car, but he gets Antonio Brown’s Rolls Royce Wraith, which can be seen all over Brown’s Instagram. Well, what’s a Wraith to Marshall? He’s one of the best receivers of his generation, and has been paid as such for more than a decade. Well, this isn’t just any Wraith. Take a look at this bad boy.

Woah. Antonio better think twice before accepting this bet. He had a monster season last year, and racked up 300 more receiving yards than Marshall did, but with a year of Fitzpatrick already under his belt, Marshall will be looking to blow the cover off opposing defenses next year. Needless to say, both receivers will have their work cut out for them.