The “Return of the Mack” is back.

In honor of the chart-topping hit’s 20th anniversary, Mark Morrison has dropped a new song titled “MYLIFE 2.0” featuring Rick Ross and Tory Lanez.

The song starts out with Morrison singing about his personal life: “Ever since you went away / My life ain’t been the same / Even though they know my name / They don’t go through my pain.” The Mack brings out the Auto-Tune as he describes a relationship which he deeply regrets ruining.

The auto-tune spreads over to Tory Lanez’ verse as he sings about making money on tour, serenading a woman and rolling up. Meanwhile, Ross not only spits about his lavish life with a special lady, but he also pays homage to the living legend with lines like “Hitting it straight from the back / It’s the return of the mack.”

Listen to “MYLIFE 2.0” below.