D12 made a surprise return near the end of last year with their latest mixtape “Devil’s Night,” a sequel of sorts to their debut multiplatinum album that went by the same name. Their iconic rap style has branded itself in Hip hop history and the group members have made themselves stand out as more than just “Eminem’s band.” Although Eminem laced an intro to the mixtape, Kuniva, Swift and Bizarre carried the mixtape and exceptionally showcased their evolution as hip hop emcees.

On their latest video for the track “Raw As It Gets,” D12 show what makes Detroit emcees stand out from everyone else in the game: lyrical wit. These guys take it back to 8-Mile cypher format as they kick bars back to back in a graffiti-laced skateboard park somewhere in Detroit. Their bars are filled with energy and demonstrate why Detroit is a city that no rapper wants to tackle. This video and song features Lazarus, a buzzing Detroit-based emcee, who also happens to be a full-fledged doctor.