Last week, before Draymond Green‘s Snapchat went all POV porno, it was full of hilarious video clips of the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team singing a wide range of popular songs, from country classics–shoutout Jimmy Butler–to Vanessa Carlton‘s classic “One Thousand Miles,” which always makes for a hilarious viewing experience, especially when the person singing the song isn’t a teenage girl who just finished binge watching the Disney Channel.

In several of the video clips, everyone from Kevin Durant to Jimmy Butler to Kyrie Irving could be seen belting out the words to the song, and in every clip, Carmelo looked as if he was seriously considering jumping out of the window. Forget the whole 30,000 feet in the air thing. Naturally, freeze-frames of Melo’s disgusted face were circulated across the internets, and once again, Melo had received the meme treatment.

As it happens, Melo is actually a fan of the song. He disclosed this during a post-game interview after a recent Team USA exhibition, and claimed the only reason he looked so heated on Draymond’s Snapchat was because his teammates know how much he hates music in the morning.

Lighten up, Melo. Your team might actually be good this year.