Many artists have been releasing tracks following the fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Now after organizing a peaceful protest in Atlanta, T.I. speaks up in his new song “We Will Not.”

Tip has always kept a strong stance on supporting protestors and the people. Over the Mars & Mike & Keys-produced song, Tip uses his voice to spread knowledge and his opinions about the injustices going on in America.

Tip starts the song out with, “No we will not stand here in silence / While they take the lives of our brothers and sisters and partna / We will not turn a blind eye to the murder with no repercussions / No we will not / We will not live on our knees / We will die on our feet / This ain’t no lie that I speak / All you youngin’s out here in the streets only want to shoot people who look like you / You could stay home, you too weak.”

Not only does he speak up about the injustices and the problem with the system, but he also takes a jab about the media spreading poor information. Tip raps, “Lyin’ about what you show in the media / Assassinate the leaders who leadin’ us / Leave us with ones who misleadin’ us / Then go reward all the ones who mistreat us / And leave us in projects and give us these poisonous products / On top of narcotics to push to our sisters and brothers.”

Tip also announced that an EP is in the works.