Chance the Rapper took to Twitter Tuesday  [August 23] afternoon to clarify that he will not be at ESPN’s town hall about race relations this week.

“I saw some publications report that I’ll be at the @espn forum about athletes’ and celebrities’ responsibility to speak on issues. Not true,” the Chicago rapper tweeted. “But since I won’t be there let me just say a few thoughts on ‘responsibility.’”

Chance spoke candidly about the state of race relations in this country and “responsibility.” “It is the responsibility of all media outlets to correctly label all killings by 1st responders as what they are: Murders,” wrote Chance. “It is the responsibility of all first responders to deescalate unlawful situations and restore peace without committing murder.”

Police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement are two of the country’s most pressing issues as state sanctioned murders continue to occur and go unpunished. After the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the Chicago rapper joined Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and other celebrities to create a powerful video about ending police violence.

Chance finished off his thread by telling fans he has no problem with ESPN for the false report and noted that neither camp knows who started the rumor. Check out Chance’s tweets below.