Look in the dictionary under 21st century artists and you’ll probably see David Lyric.

It’s no secret that the music game has changed. What used to be built from meeting the right person at the right time is now more of a merger of a small business into a corporate structure. Meaning any major record label is going to expect you to have a following, a team, and a plan already in place. Case in point: David Lyric. If you went to any of the biggest parties in Atlanta after 2008, there’s a good chance you may have ran into David.The event photographer and promoter was one of the most fierce in his industry promoting at Queens, The Valley, and Purple Rain all while being contracted with ATLPics.Net and photographing many of the biggest red carpet events for A.G. Entertainment and photographed celebs such as Drake and Barack Obama. On the side he ventured in artist management and shot videos. Why does this deserve major attention? Because the trend shows that artists who have experience in several parts of the industry have a major edge on the artists who don’t. Hence, Kanye West who produced and engineered Jay Z’s music before he produced his own. So the artist manager, promoter, photographer, videographer, has turned into an artist. And this could be the guy to keep an eye on.David’s first song is more of an R&B record that already has over 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. And he already has a video scheduled that he will shoot with his own equipment and will feature VH1 model Shyona Royston. Atlanta seems to remain the hip hop capital. And with a large amount of dj’s and promoters at his disposal it will be interesting to see what happens. Check out his latest track called “Chasin”.