We’re nearly a year removed from the release of Desiigner’s breakout hit, “Panda.” It’s the single that went on to top Billboard charts and crack top ten on at least ten other charts, nationally. It’s a song you can’t evade—no matter how hard you try. Not only did the Brooklyn native earn himself a number one song in the country, he would go on to be signed by Kanye West—in order to further his career with the G.O.O.D Music label. But it was Menace, a 22-year-old producer out of Manchester U.K.—who created the production for “Panda”—which originally was a Ace Hood/Meek Mill type-beat that he placed on Youtube in 2014. So how did this ambitious being go from dreams to reality?

We caught up with Menace to talk about the success around “Panda,” motivation, and what he’ll have coming in the near future.

How’d you get the “Panda” beat to Desiigner?

He got it off of my YouTube channel. There wasn’t a conversation until after the record was done.

So after the conversation, that’s when the beat was sold?

The song was done already and on the radio. Then that’s when the paperwork came about. I never seen Desiigner or heard of Desiigner, until after “Panda” was created.

What’s the energy like for “Panda” in the U.K.? Do they play it on the radio, clubs, etc?

Do they? My manager told me Panda is crazy in America and every car plays it and every radio station. In the U.K. It’s the same way. That’s a global hit. Kids run up to me asking for autographs all the time in my neighborhood. Panda is well known and played in the U.K. for a fact and clubs go crazy with Panda. Once they hear the intro, it’s over lol.

How does that feel having people react to your creativity?

It shows me that my work doesn’t go in vain and hard work and dedication always will take you to your destination. Sometimes it’s unbelievable for me to believe one day I was doing beats, waiting for my break and boom, it happened.

Your production is on a Kanye West album, that’s amazing as well.

Yea my manager Bird spoke with Steven Victor (who is Pusha T manager) before it came out so I was kind of aware but didn’t believe the hype until Desiigner was at MSG with Kanye at his show and I heard it playing. My phone didn’t stop ringing for about a week LOL. It feels good to be associated with Kanye West, since he is like the Michael Jackson of our era.

What was life like before “Panda” became a hit?

I worked as a phone repair man during day and making beats at night. I tried to make two beats a day everyday and I still keep that same routine. I try and keep the beats flowing daily because my manager is always telling me about who wants and needs what so I have to keep up with the supply for the demand.

Mentally take me to your job as a repair man and prior. Did you believe that your success would come with music?

Yes I believed. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be going so hard. I knew one day it would click. I just didn’t think it would happen the way it did and with that much success but who am I to judge allah’s work. I started doing beats at around age 12.  Music was my calling. I fell in love with production because of Scott Storch and Dr. Dre, but Storch really. I loved the way he brought his sounds out and He gave beats a different swag.

Are you working on anything special at the moment?

Working on tracks for Fast & Furious 8! They reached out to my publisher for some tracks so you know I jumped on that quick! I also sent tracks in for French Montana. I have a Dave East record that didn’t make his album but will be released with my future project that is dropping either end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. I have records with Iamsu, Rome fortune, Rockie Fresh, Leaf that are unreleased and spoke to Steve Aoki about a possible collaboration.

It’s a lot in store for me especially 1st quarter of 2017. I’m really coming out swinging. D12 and Beanie Siegel just reached out to me for production. Even EDM Dj Borgore and I spoke about working together.

Would you say you’re happy doing what you’re doing?

That question can’t be real LOL. Am I happy? I recently retired my parents. I’m in the process of buying a new house for my family, which is the real success for me. I love producing and I had a #1 which is a record I never even dreamed of reaching. I get to do what I love and make a decent living off of it and my parents don’t have to ask anyone ever in life for anything. I love what I am doing and I am truly blessed and humble. So to answer, yes I am happy doing what I am doing.

That’s great to hear! Amazing for real and an even more thorough answer. Did your parents know your ambitions for production?

Yeah, they always believed in me. My father is the one who inspired me to play with the keyboard/piano. He played around with music and instruments growing up, so I took into that from him. That’s one of my inspirations, honestly.

They never bothered me when it came to making production, it was never no negative energy always positive. Sometimes when I wasn’t into it, they would be the ones telling me to get over it and get back to work (making beats).

Will you and Desiigner possibly make more music together?

I can’t tell the future with Desiigner and I making more music, but I wouldn’t see why not. When I get my Visa and enter America, I will want to work with everyone who is willing to work with me which hopefully includes Desiigner cause we did it once so whose to say we can’t do it again and again.

 How important is it for a producer to keep his/her publishing rights?

The most important thing. That’s your bread and butter. That’s how you get paid with longevity, through  publishing. I say this and will always say this: never give up your publishing, no matter what excuses or threats an artist may give you. Producers, you own 50% and artist own 50%. Nothing more nothing less. Protect your publishing!