New Haven, Connecticut-based rap artist, Tone Eyeful is dubbed as the next one to put Connecticut on the map with his crafty bars.

Writing at the age of 8, credits the city of New Haven as being driving factor of that ambition, as well as his lyrical dexterity. “I find inspiration and hunger in where I come from and it’s the home of some of the most talented musicians and artists I’ve come across,” he said. He took his first dive in the hip hop scene in 2013 with the release of his first EP with DJ Big Mike the Ruler, Square One. “I started out with a boom bap sound – the artists I studied growing up were the greats, Nas, Tribe, KRS, BIG,” said Tone. “I don’t want to confine myself to boom bap, but I don’t want people to forget the essence of hip hop’s truest form.”

Tone is back with a new track entitled “The Glory”, a record packed with crisp vocals and densely-crafted lyrics that speak to a rapidly changing, new age of hip hop with an old-school vibe.  On his newest track, his fourth record of the year, Tone has linked with Danny Dimo Beats to produce an old school vibe with original flow. From the hard-hitting wordplay, to the smooth ambiance of the melodic hook, ‘The Glory’ foreshadows a bright future for this emerging artist. Check out the track below.