Word on the street is that heavy-weight streetwear brand, Supreme and Louis Vuitton could be collaborating soon.

Supreme remains at the top of the list for every streetwear lover, so it’s only right that we mention that one of the high-class fashion brands, Louis Vuitton might be releasing a collaboration. Supreme fans find out just about anything and this has become one of the words on the street. The speculation comes shortly after, Louis Vuitton’s men artistic director, Kim Jones uploaded an image to instagram of a LV print long-sleeve with a supreme sticker contrasted within the tee.

Then a few days after a model at LV casting wore a long-sleeve tee with LV print all-over and 2 hints of a supreme logo contrasted within the shirt. Does this mean a collaboration will most likely happen?

2017 is starting out awesome and with this news, street-wear lovers are celebrating everywhere. But, they shouldn’t get their hopes up to high, this could possibly just be an exclusive piece. So we will keep you updated as more info emerges on the speculated collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton.