Nobody would have thought that a rapper would have a chance of making it out of Mattapan, Massachusetts. Tru-L is a living testimony and has earned his bragging rights as one of the best artists to rise up in the game. Catching the attention of Juelz Santana early throughout his journey as a rising star, only proves that he definitely has what it takes to be the next big thing.

It’s sad to say that Mattapan, Massachusetts is known solely because of its crime rate. This alone is very disappointing to Tru-L, who got caught up living the street life. With a dream to create change and experience a new way of living, this young star chooses to uplift the world not only through his words, but with his positive actions.

Recently Tru-L decided to lock in and create a dope new album titled “Truology The New Beginning”, where he shares his story about how he overcame living a lifestyle of darkness. In his new video “No Problem”, you can expect to see him posted in the hood in front of foreign whips, speaking his blessings into existence, sharing the vision he has of becoming a legend, securing the bag, and the haters not wanting any problems with him!

I highly recommend you support this young brother because it takes a lot of hard work to do what he does. Make sure to follow him on IG @trulfatalfamilyskullgang and Twitter @Trulthageneral

Check out the video below: