After more than two years of hitting the studio and dropping teasers, DMX and Swizz Beatz have finally decided to bless fans with new music to kick off 2017.

With their new single “Bane is Back”, Swizz and X are hitting hard with classic production and bars from X ripping anyone who stands in his way. Packed with gritty, braggadocio bars and his signature in-your-face attitude, the track is a prime example of an old school vet taking the reigns back.

“Man cats now a days be spittin that fuck shit/Bird ass niggas spittin’ that duck shit/ I’m from the old school and that there we don’t fuck with/Been locked down on lock down, suck a dick”

No word on whether the single will appear on X’s long-awaited follow up to his 2012 Undisputed album, but earlier this month, in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Swizz spoke again of new music from DMX. This time, revealing that X was more focused and had “converted himself”.

“See, the thing is you can always want something for somebody, but they have to want that for themselves. Right? Like, we can all want DMX 100,000 times. But if he’s not mentally there and spiritually there, it’s an empty space. This man’s been showing up to the studio before me, been showing up to shows before me, being on time.”

Soon after, Swizz posted an image on his Instagram account of a gold skull with silver teeth and the letters “DMX” emblazoned over it, which fans originally suspected was the cover art to the new album, but now know it’s the cover to the new single. Either way, if “Bane is Back” is the preview of what we can expect from X’s new project, we are all for it.

Check out the new single below: