If you walk into an NBA locker room, Drake, Rick Ross, Drake and Jay-Z blasting!

If you’re kicking into a If you walk into a music studio, artists are rocking  jerseys and sleeves like Allen Iverson.

Hoops and hip hop have always had a good marriage.

Speaking of Iverson and hip hop, he was a trendsetter for real!  He intro’ed hoops fans to his fearless play that many like Russell Westbrook and others call their own. Philly rapper Ms. Jade raved about A.I. “I think that Allen Iverson was one of the best players that there was particularly in my era,” Ms. Jade said on the Scoop B Radio podcast with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Check out the interview here.

“First of all he had the city on smash because he was this little guy that had so much heart. That stood out and I think from his heart that he was passionate about basketball.”

Ms. Jade released her album Girl Interrupted in 2002. The Timbaland-produced Ching Ching featuring Nelly Furtado was one of Ms. Jade’s top singles off her album.

An 11-time All-Star, Iverson finished his career averaging 26.7 points per game, the sixth-best career scoring mark in NBA league history. He left an undeniable imprint on homes across the world because his career was lived on his own terms. Ms. Jade liked the way Iverson carried Philly on his back.

“You knew he was from the hip hop era,” she said. “It made you say ‘oh I can rock with him’ because he reminded you of your cousin or somebody like that.”