Photos By: Patrick Melon + Jeremy Tauriac

When you hear Nike, and Basketball, you quickly view those two things as synonymous, and there isn’t an alarm that should go off at all. Just lace em up. But what about when you say Nike, Basketball, and Studio Be? What do those three things have in common? Which one of the three doesn’t belong? Why would Nike decide to put a full regulation sized basketball court, and interactive experience right in the middle of Studio Be? Equality. What better place in New Orleans represents Equality than Studio Be? Where there’s murals on the walls of martyrs who fought for that very right. Ava DuVernay, Director/Screenwriter, known for amazing works such as: Selma, 13th, and Queen Sugar which features B Mike, and Studio Be says, “I felt that this, these installations, this work, this space, this art, communicated legacy to me, communicated memory to me, memory became tangible, and tactile and textured as I walked through. I felt very connected to the past and the future as I walked through the space. It was very awe inspiring but also very nourishing. That’s the word that comes to mind; I feel well fed. Ava noticed this essence about Studio Be, and Nike must’ve felt the same connection, as they tapped B Mike to partner with them on their Equality campaign.

B Mike, who is the mastermind behind Studio Be, says that he’s happy to partner with Nike on their Equality campaign, and wants New Orleans, and All Star Weekend visitors to stay tuned for updates on activities, and events all weekend. So, if you’re reading this, and you’re in The Big Easy for ASW, don’t hesi to stop into Studio Be, you never know who you’ll see. No really, just earlier this week, B Mike shared some photos of comedian icon, Dave Chappelle stopping through the exhibit, and expressed that it was a dream come true. That’s the kind of place that Studio Be is, it’s magnetic, and the vibe will be a perfect change of pace for All Star Weekend.


Here at The Source, we don’t fully know what to expect for Nike Basketball At Studio Be, but, we’re excited to be in the building. Usually we’d drop a list of expectations, but it seems as though spontaneity will be the theme of this event, and we’re totally down for the ride. I mean there’s a mind, body, and soul event, so honestly who knows what’s about to go down at Studio Be. You can check out a full list of events on the poster below. This is a must stop during All Star Weekend, and we know that Nike, and Studio Be will be hype to see you.


You can also check out Nike’s equality video via YouTube below..

GOD Bless, TheRadioShaq