Ricardo Felisme is many things; a preacher, musician and Haitian, but above all the island-born artist is an agent of love and grace. Born in Haiti and raised by conservative Baptist parents, Ricardo is no stranger to religion. In fact, he himself is a preacher of the word of God, but unlike many of the traditional Christians in today’s society, the up and coming artist feels compelled to reach everyone – regardless of race, creed, or religion.

There’s no denying that Ricardo’s deep faith in Jesus leads him in his musical journey. The artist comes from a long, long line of preachers, after all. Ricardo, however, is not a preacher in the “traditional sense.” Ricardo Felisme’s music translates the love and power of Christ “without the trappings of religion,” explains the artist.

His newest single, entitled “Angel Musik,” embodies that very philosophy: The love of Jesus triumphs over any religious ideology, and that means it can span the world with its message and applies to everyone. One might suspect that’s exactly how Jesus intended his word to be spread – with love, grace, music… and a little fun. That’s exactly what listeners will get in Ricardo’s newest song.