The dynamic rock band Faulkner is back with a smash hit featuring a verse from an unexpected guest…rap veteran Royce Da 5’9″.

The track ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’ features production by Wu-Tang henchman, RZA. Back in 2014 they collaborated on ‘NY Anthem‘ and linked again for another classic.  This time around the innovative group enlists hip hop’s favorite MC Royce Da 5’9”. “I was honored to be a part of this RZA-produced Gem,” says the Detroit native.

“’Keep your enemies closer’ was inspired from my time on the street and reading Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power. Greene is the Clausewitz of our century,” Faulkner explains. “Royce Da 5’9” brings that Detroit aggression and flow, nobody can touch him past or present. We are honored that he saw something in us and wanted to co-write ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer.’” Continuing his recent flux of straight bars, Royce decides to take a personal route detailing his relationship with alcohol and sobriety.

Check it out below!