U-Sity’s journey as a Hip-hop artist almost plays out like a series of snapshots. Appropriate for a musician whose current passion is professional photography; and that’s just one of the many snapshots of business endeavors he’s embraced as an artist over the years. His primary artistic offerings to the world are through his music, and his most recent single “What A Life” has seen an ever-growing mass of fans following him worldwide. But U-Sity has multiple other forms of art that he pursues and uses to send love and joy to the world. His current season of life is focused on professional photography. Operating under the umbrella of his LA-based business What a Life Entertainment – an extension of Hit The Block Studios, which he started in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota – his photography is one of many things that he offers to other artists and musicians trying to promote their products.

Much like his artistic endeavors, U-Sity said he makes music that can cater to just about anyone and which could be commercially sold through any and every venue. He has music that would play well in strip clubs or Vegas clubs, and he has music that people can put on in the car when cruising around with friends. He has songs that are great for partying and songs that tell detailed stories.

And that includes young people from his hometown. As a father himself, U-Sity said he understands the importance of making a safe world for his children and he wants to be able to use his voice and influence to help as many young people as possible. Toward that end, he works with local youth organizations in Minneapolis to create events where he can perform his music and then speak to students about making good decisions and making sure to have accountability in their lives. He’ll be participating in an event like this in north Minneapolis on April 8.

Those who want to find out more about U-Sity’s live performances – both in Minnesota and Los Angeles – can visit his website at u-sity.com, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram @usity.